María agradece a todos los invitados que han pasado por los programas, sin vosotros los programas no serían lo que son.

All Shall Perish Antigama Apocalyptica
Arch Enemy As I Lay Dying Belphegor
Borknagar Breed 77 Callenish Circle
Chimaira Coldworker Cryptopsy
Cynic Dark Tranquillity Darkane
Desaster Detonation Dew Scented
Disturbed Dream Evil Epica
Entombed Eternal Oath Extol
Fear My Thoughts God Dethroned God Forbid
Guano Apes Hangnail(UK) Hatesphere
Hypocrisy Idi Bihotz Impious
In Flames Karma To Burn Katatonia
Kreator Krisiun Lacuna Coil
Love Like Blood Madrigal Monster Magnet
Moonspell Mortician Nasum
Nevermore Nightrage Novembre
Old Man’s Child Opeth Orange Goblin
OSI Pain Paradise Lost
Parasma Passenger Poisonblack
Rotting Christ Samael Scar Symmetry
Sepultura Shadows Fall Soilwork
Sonic Syndicate Spiritual Beggars Suffocation
Terror2000 The Arcane Order The Defaced
The Destiny Program The End The Gathering
The Haunted Therion Threat Signal
Tiamat Unearth Voivod
Witchery Withering Surface