9 Agosto 2006

Scar Symmetry – The Illusionist – Pitch Black Progress Nuclear Blast

The Provenance – At Random Choose – Still At Arms Length Scarlet

Ligeia – Dead Man's Bride – Your Ghost Is a Gift Ferret

Lordi – Devil Is a Loser – Monster Show Mayan

As I Lay Dying – Elegy – Frail Words Collapse Metal Blade

Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don't Fall – Tears Don't Fall GUN

Gnostic – Isolate Gravity – Sleeping Ground Starrfactory

All Shall Perish – We Hold These Truths – The Price of Existence Nuclear Blast

Evergrey – Monday Morning Apocalypse – Monday Morning Apocalypse InsideOut

Engel – Walk The Wounded – Demo

The Arcane Order – Breathe The Poison – The Machinery Of Oblivion Metal Blade

Emperor – In The Wordless Chamber – Prometheus-The Discipline Of Fire & Demise Candlelight

Insomnium – Mortal Share – Above The Weeping World Candlelight

Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes – In Absentia  Lava

Wolverine – A House of Plague – Still Candlelight

Strapping Young Lad – Wrong Side – The New Black Century Media

Blind Guardian – This Will Never End – A Twist In The Myth SPV

Mercenary – My Secret Window – The Hours That Remain Century Media

Soulscar – The Voyeur – Character Assassination Galy

Poisonblack – Never Enough – Lust Stained Despair Century Media

All That Remains – We Stand – The Fall Of Ideals Prosthetic

Sentenced – End Of The Road – The Funeral Album Century Media

Draconian – On Sunday They Will Kill The World – The Burning Halo Napalm

Into Eternity – Surrounded By Night – The Scattering Of Ashes Century Media

Slayer – Catatonic – Christ Illusion American Recordings

Unearth – The Devil Has Risen – III: In The Eyes Of Fire Metal Blade

Heaven Shall Burn – Stay The Course – Deaf To Our Prayers Century Media

Scarlet – Embrace of a Paramedic – This Was Always Meant to Fall Apart Ferret

Submission – Darkened eyes Failure to Perfection Listeanble